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Immelda Staunton
Sandra role
Born January 9, 1956 in London. He studied at the Royal Drama School and entered the world of drama. Appeared in numerous theaters and musicals. He has been awarded the Olivier Award 4 times and nominated 11 times for the most prestigious theater and opera in England. In the television world, he has been nominated for the International Emmy Award Actress, British Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the TV Division, and the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the Mini Series / Television Film Division. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress by winning the UK Academy Award, the European Film Award Actress Award, the UK Independent Film Award, and the Venice International Film Festival Actress Award. . In addition, he has appeared in many international hits such as “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (07), “Family Garden” (10), “Maleficent” (14), “Welcome to the Parade” (14). ing.
Timothy Spall
Born February 27, 1957 in London. Studied acting at the Royal Youth Theater and Royal Drama School, and appeared in the theater world, including appearing in the Birmingham Repertory Theater and the Royal Shakespeare Company. He is one of the most loved actors in the UK and has been awarded the British Empire Order. Best known for his role as Peter Pettigrew in the “Harry Potter” series, “Secrets and Lies” (96), “Lucky Break” (01), “Life is sometimes Sunny” (02) , “Sweeney Todd Devil Barber in Fleet Street” (07), “British King’s Speech” (10). In director Mike Lee’s “Turner, Looking for Love for Light” (14), he played the painter Turner and won seven international awards, including the Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Recent movies include “Negation and Affirmation” (16), with Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson.

Celia Imley


Born July 15, 1952 in Guildford, Surrey. After graduating from the Guildford School of Acting, he has earned a variety of careers, including movies, TV dramas, and theater. In 2015, he made his debut as a novelist and became a best seller by promoting “Not Quite Nice”. In the movie, in addition to the masterpieces such as “The Bridget Jones Diary” (01) series and “Let’s meet at the Marigold Hotel” (11) series, “Calendar Girl” (03), “London’s London Concerto” (01), appeared in “Love Punch” (13), etc.

Richard Ron Crane
Born on October 20, 1946 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. After debuting as a sculptor and exhibiting his work several times at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, he became a commercial director. Since then, he has directed many masterpiece films and television works. Major works include “Blade on the Feather” (British Academy Award nomination for director’s television award), “Richard III” (Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear Award [Director Award]), Emmy, Steven Spielberg The award-winning film “Band of Brothers”, the TV movie “Churchill / The Storm of the British Empire” and “Beautiful Italy, My House” (both films were nominated for the National Directors’ Association Award) “Firewall”, a romantic comedy starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany “Wimbledon”, a comedy starring Lenny Zellweger “Only for you”, starring Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton There will be room sales. “

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