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Hop step dance!
Life hymns filled with dreams and dreams
Sandra is a “lady” when her husband who has been snuggled for 35 years has been awarded the title of Knight. Although it was a life of smooth sailing, he witnessed the flirtation site of his husband and best friend, and rolled down to the complex of sister Biff living in London. Biff, who has nothing to do with money or honor, was surrounded by the best friends Charlie and dance class friends who could speak anything. An older sister who is worried about her sister’s distraction, forcibly takes Sandra to a dance class. Music and dance, heal Sandra of mind, which is also once be aimed at the dancer, it was to remind the forgotten and had passion – .

An exquisite ensemble of British actresses crying and laughing at a dance scene with former professional dancers.
The main character, Sandra, is Vera Drake (04), which won the British Academy Award for Best Actress, and Immelda Staunton, who is highly regarded in musicals. The heroine that peels off the gorgeous madam is expressed with a dignified dance. Charlie’s opponent is Timothy, who has a wide range of acting skills, from Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (04) to historians in the Denial and Affirmation (16) Holocaust Denialist. Spare. And Sella Imree, who is popular in the “Let’s meet at Marigold Hotel” series (13, 16), plays the role of Sister Biff who is also a teacher of Sandra. Twenty professional dancers are selected as dance class friends and perform wonderful dances. Their smiles, which have been specially trained for a long time of work, are not acting, but their shining life. The director is Richard Ron Crane, known for his work “Dining room with a view” (15) starring Diane Keaton. Three casts with an average age of 63 and a 72-year-old master tell us the truth that if you have the courage you can easily get out of the stuffy world. Life hymns packed with dreams and tips to live richer!

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